2nd Workshop on

“Stochastic Equations and Related Topics”

July 23 – 29, 2006, Jena (Germany)





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Organized within  the European Research Training Network “Evolution Equations for Deterministic and Stochastic Systems”,  the Workshop focuses on stochastic differential equations in a wider sense, and in particular on strong and weak solutions of forward as well as backward stochastic differential equations in finite and infinite dimensions, including applications in other fields.

The participants are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 23, in the afternoon. The talks will start in the morning of Monday, July 24, and end on Friday,  July 28, in the late afternoon. Departure day is Saturday, July 29.


Some Practical Remarks

We plan invited talks of 40 minutes and contributed talks of 30 minutes, both including discussion. The participants are kindly asked to send  the title and a brief abstract of their talks (electronically in LaTeX format including the source file) to one of the organizors of the Workshop or the Workshop Secretariate before the end of May.

The Workshop itself will be held in the main building of the University of Jena which is located in the heart of the city. We organize accommodation in hotels nearby. Network participants and invited speakers will be accommodated by the organizers without further request. Other participants should contact the Workshop Secretariate (for the address see below) for room request and reservation. From all these hotels, the lecture room in the main building of the University can be reached by foot in a few minutes.

For additional information concerning the University of Jena, arrival,  accommodation, Conference site, lunches, computer facilities, excursion and  Workshop dinner, please click on the following link:   General information


Confirmed Participants

                   S. Assing (Warwick ; United Kingdom)

                   K. Bahlali (Toulon ; France)

                   S. Blei (Jena ; Germany)

                   Ph. Briand (Rennes I ; France)

                   R. Buckdahn (Brest ; France)

                   I. Bulla (Brest ; France)

                   F. Comfortola (Milano ; Italy)

                   Ch. Czichowsky (Zurich , Switzerland) 

                   F. Delarue (Paris VII ; France)

                   H.-J. Engelbert (Jena ; Germany)

                   Ch. Ewald (Leeds ; United Kingdom)

                   S. Geiss (Jyväskylä ; Finnland)

                   D. Goreac (Brest ; France)

                   G. Guatteri (Milano ; Italy)

                   S. Hamadène (Le Mans ; France)

                   N. Ichihara (Osaka ; Japan)

                   V. Kurenok (Green Bay, U.S.A.)

                   J.-P. Lepeltier (Le Mans ; France)

                   J. Ma (West Lafayette ; U.S.A.)

                   M. Mania (Tbilisi ; Georgia)

                   B. Maslowski (Prague ; Czech Republic)

                   A. Matoussi (Le Mans ; France)

                   Y. Ouknine (Marrakech ; Marocco)

                   S. Peng (Jinan ; China)

                   M. Quincampoix (Brest ; France)

                   C. Rainer (Brest ; France)

                   A. Răşcanu (Iaşi ; Romania)

                   F. Russo (Paris ; France)

                   A.N. Shiryaev (Moscow ; Russia)

                   S. Tang (Shanghai ; China)

                   S. Tappe (Munich ; Germany)

                   G. Tessitore (Parma ; Italy)

                   Ciprian Tudor (Paris ; France)

                   M. Veraar (Delft ; The Netherlands)

                   C. Wäldrich (Jena ; Germany)

                   S. Watanabe (Kyoto ; Japan)

                   J. Wolf (Remagen ; Germany)

                   J. Zabczyk (Warsaw ; Poland)

                   A. Zalinescu (La Rochelle ; France)

                   C. Zecher (Jena ; Germany)

                   T. Zhang (Manchester ; United Kingdom)

We will keep this list on an actual  level.




Deadline for registration and hotel reservation is May 15, 2006. Please use the contact addresses below.


Registration Fee

The registration fee for participants (excluding Network participants and invited speakers) is 100 and has to be paid on arrival. The registration fee includes refreshments offered in the Workshop breaks (coffee, beverages, cakes), but does not include meals, Workshop dinner and excursion.


Contributed Talks

Contributed talks for registered participants should be submitted as early as possible (until lecturing time is available), but no later than May 31, 2006. Until this deadline there must be sent an abstract of no more than one page (electronically in LaTeX format including the source file) to one of the organizers of the Workshop or the Workshop Secretariate. Participants will be informed on acceptance until June 20, 2006. 


Duke Johann Friedrich der Großmütige    Founder of the University in 1548

Photo: FSU/Archiv




The meeting is sponsored by the European Research Training Network « Evolution Equations for Deterministic and Stochastic Systems »,  HPRN-CT-2002-00281, and by the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.




If you have some question concerning the Workshop or wish to participate, don't hesitate to contact one of the organizers of the Workshop or the Workshop Secretariate:

·       Hans-Jürgen Engelbert (Friedrich Schiller-Universität Jena,  Germany,  englbert@minet.uni-jena.de)

·       Rainer Buckdahn (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest,  France, Rainer.Buckdahn@univ-brest.fr)

·       Workshop Secretariate: Nicole Hickethier (Friedrich Schiller-Universität Jena,  Germany,  hicke@minet.uni-jena.de)




Collegium Jenense    Place of Foundation of the University

Photo: FSU/Archiv


Some useful links

·       Web page of the Friedrich–Schiller-Universität of Jena:

·       Map with the main building of the university (UHG) where the workshop will be held:

·       Web page of the European Research Training Network “Evolution Equations for Deterministic and Stochastic Systems” :

·       Information on the town Jena and photos can be found on:


              How to come to Jena?

You can find informations on your travel by train or plane combined with train on the following web pages:

·       By train: http://www.bahn.de

·       By plane: http://kelkoo.de  (click on « Reisen, Flüge »)