Prépublications du Laboratoire de Mathématiques

01--1997 R. Buckdahn & S. Peng "Ergodic backward SDE and associated PDE"
02--1997 R. Buckdahn & S. Peng "PDEs with periodic structure. Associated ergodic BSDEs"
03--1997 P. Saux-Picard "The Schur-Cohn Algorithm revisited"
04--1997 M. Quincampoix & N. Seube "Stabilization of Uncertain Control Systems Through Piecewise Constant Feedback"
05--1997 R. Pouliquen "Uncertainly Principle and Schrödinger Operators with Potential localized on Hypersurfaces"
06--1997 R. Pouliquen "Uncertainty principle and Schr\"odinger operators with pseudodifferential potential localized on hypersurfaces"
07--1997 J.-M. Derrien "On the existence of continuous cohomologous cocycles for bounded cocycles with values in some Lie groups"
08--1997 M. Quincampoix and V. Veliov "Viability with a target: theory and applications"
09--1997 T. Downarowicz and Y. Lacroix "Merit factors and Morse sequences"
10--1997 P. Cardaliaguet, M. Quincampoix et P. Saint-Pierre "Set-Valued Numerical Analysis for Optimal Control and Differential Games"