Prépublications du Laboratoire de Mathématiques


01--2000Y. Lacroix "Les plates ne sont pas toujours creuses."

02--2000G-E. Dethloff & S. Shin-Yi Lu "Logarithmic jet bundles and applications."

03--2000Y. Derriennic & M. Lin "The central limit theorem for Markov chains with normal transition operators, started at a point."

04--2000C. Godet-Thobie & I. Kupka "Fixed points theorems, strong convergence and comming up to the diagonal."

05--2000C. Godet-Thobie & L. Florescu "Quelques propri*t*s des mesures de Young."

06--2000E. Loubeau & X. Mo "Pseudo horizontally weakly conformal maps from Riemannian manifolds into K\"ahler manifolds. "

07--2000M. Krastanov & M. Quincampoix "Local small time controllability and attainability of a set for nonlinear control system."

08--2000R. Buckdahn, P. Cardaliaguet & M. Quincampoix "A representation formula for the mean curvature motion."

09--2000P. Nistri & M. Quincampoix "On open-loop and feedback attainability of a closed set for nonlinear control systems."

10--2000T. Kolsrud &E. Loubeau "Foliated manifolds and conformal heat morphisms."

11--2000O. Serea "Discontinuous Differential Games and Control Systems with Supremum Cost."