Prépublications du Laboratoire de Mathématiques


01--2001 E. Cruck "Target Problems under State Constraints for Nonlinear Controlled Impulsive Systems."

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04--2001 T. Downarowicz & J. Kwiatkowski "Weak Closure Theorem fails for $\Z^2$-actions."

05--2001 P. Cardaliaguet & R. Tahraoui"Some Remarks on Bernoulli Interior Free Boundary Problem in Convex Domains."

06--2001 P. Cardaliaguet & R. Tahraoui"On the Strict Concavity of the Harmonic Radius in Dimension $N  \geq 3$"

07--2001 G. Gabor & M. Quincampoix"On Existence of Equilibria of Lipschitz Set-Valued Maps"

08--2001 R. Buckdahn, M. Quincampoix, C. Rainer & A. Rascanu"Vialbility of moving sets for stochastic differential equations"

09--2001 C. Rainer"Backward stochastic differential equations with Azema's Martingale"

10--2001 G. Gabor"Periodic Solutions for Non-autonomous Differential Equations and Inclusions in Tubes"

11--2001 P. Cardaliaguet ,G. Gabor & M. Quincampoix"Equilibria and Strict Equilibria of Multivalued Maps on Noninvariant Sets"

12--2001 G. Gabor & M. Quincampoix"On Existence of Solutions to Differential Equations or Inclusions Remaining in a Prescribed Closed Subset of a Finite-dimensional Space"

13--2001 O. S. Serea"On Reflecting Boundary Problem for Optimal Control"