Prépublications du Laboratoire de Mathématiques

01--2004 F. Watbled "On singular perturbations for differential inclusions on the infinite interval." (ps)

02--2004 M. Quincampoix & C. Rainer "Stochastic control and compatible subsets of contraints."

03--2004 Kamenskii M. & Quincampoix M. "Existence of Equilibria on Epilipschitz sets without invariance conditions."

04--2004 E. Loubeau & C. Oniciuc. "On the biharmonic and harmonic indices of the Hopf map."

05--2004 Y. Askoura & C. Godet-Thobie. "Sélections continues pour applications multivoques sans convexité."

06--2004 Matthias Löwe et Franck Vermet. "The storage capacity of the Blume-Emery-Griffiths neural network."

07--2004 Matthias Löwe et Franck Vermet. "On the bit-error probability of CDMA systems with optimal hard decision interference cancellation."

08--2004 Bianca SATCO. "Sur la convexité de l'intégrale Aumann-Pettis."

09--2004 Liviu C. Florescu and Christiane Godet-Thobie. "Finite tightness and applications to limits of ODE' s solutions."

10--2004 Bianca SATCO. "Multimesures monotones et Propriété de Darboux."

11--2004 Bianca SATCO et Christiane GODET-THOBIE."Décomposabilité dans l'espace des fonctions Pettis intégrables.""

12--2004 Oana-Silvia SEREA. "Semiconcave Solutions of Partial Differential Inclusions and Applications to Reflected Control Problems.""

13--2004 Gerd Dethloff and Tran Van Tan. "Uniqueness problem for meromorphic mappings with truncated multiplicities and moving targets." (pdf)

14--2004 Gerd Dethloff and Tran Van Tan. "An extension of uniqueness theorems for meromorphic mappings. " (pdf)"

15--2004 Gerd Dethloff and Tran Van Tan. "Uniqueness problem for meromorphic mappings with truncated multiplicties and few targets " (pdf)

16--2004 E. Loubeau and S. Montaldo. "Biminimal immersions in space forms. " (ps)

17--2004 E. Loubeau and R. Pantilie "Harmonic morphisms between Weyl spaces and twistorial maps. " (ps)

18--2004 Pierre Cardaliaguet and Francesca Prinari " Supremal representation of $L^{\infty}$ functionals. " (pdf)

19--2004 Rainer Buckdahn and Naoyuki Ichihara. "Limit theorem for controlled backward SDEs and homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations. "

20--2004 Françoise Pène "Rate of convergence in the multidimensional CLT for stationary processes. Application to the Knudsen gas and to the Sinai billiard."(pdf)

21--2004  G. Dethloff and S. Lu "Logarithmic Surfaces and Hyperbolicity" (pdf)

22--2004  J. Huisman and F. Mangolte "Every connected sum of lens spaces is a real component of a uniruled algebraic variety"