Prépublications du Laboratoire de Mathématiques

01--2005  A. L. Dontchev,  M. Quincampoix, N. Zlateva     "Aubin Criterion for Metric Regularity"

02--2005  Yves Derriennic     "Some aspects of recent works on limit theorems in ergodic theory, with special emphasis on the ''central limit theorem'' "

03--2005  O. Alvarez, P. Cardaliaguet, R. Monneau     "Existence and uniqueness for dislocation dynamics with nonnegative velocity"

04--2005  Pierre Cardaliaguet, Olivier Ley     "On some flows in shape optimization"

05--2005   Erwan Rousseau    "Etude des jets de Demailly-Semple en dimension 3"

06--2005   Sylvain Rigal    "A Set Evolution Approach to the Control of Uncertain Systems with Discrete-Time Measurement"

07--2005  M. Quincampoix and N. Zlateva     "Parameterized minimax problem: on Lipschitz-like dependence of the solution with respect to the parameter"

08--2005   M. Quincampoix and N. Zlateva    "On Lipschitz Regularity of Minimizers of a Calculus of Variations Problem with non Locally Bounded Lagrangians"

09--2005   J. Huisman and M. Lattarulo    "Anisotropic real curves and bordered line arrangements"

10--2005   P. Cardaliaguet, M. Quincampoix and P. Saint-Pierre    "Differential games through viability theory: old and recent results"

11--2005   E. Rousseau    "Equations différentielles sur les hypersurfaces de l’espace projectif complexe de dimension 4"

12--2005   E. Rousseau    "Weak analytic hyperbolicity of generic hypersurfaces of high degree in the complex projective space of dimension 4"

13--2005  M. Robbé and M. Sadkane     "Exact and inexact breakdowns in blocks version of FOM and GMRES methods" (pdf)

14--2005   F. Pène    "Rate of convergence in the central limit theorem for the billiard tranformation" (pdf)

15--2005   Giuseppina Guatteri and Rainer Buckdahn    "A Stochastic Tikhonov Theorem in Infinite Dimensions"

16--2005   C. Rainer    "On feedback controls for nonzero-sum stochastic differential games" (dvi)