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Laboratoire LMBA
Université de Brest
6, Avenue Victor Le Gorgeu
B.P. 809
29285 BREST Cedex

E-mail: Ali.Fardoun@univ-brest.fr
Office: H105
Office Phone: (0)2 98 01 61 92
Fax: (0)2 98 01 61 28

Research Interests

Riemannian geometry : (p)-Harmonic maps , Geometric flows, Conformal Geometry, Graph Theory

Research Papers


Doctoral Students

Seddik Ouakkas began his thesis in december 2005 under the joint direction of myself and Paul Baird (Brest). He completed his thesis in June 2008 entitled 'Applications biharmoniques : deformations conformes et theoremes de Liouville'.  He is Professor at the University of Saida in Algeria.

Jean-Baptiste Casteras began his thesis in september 2009 under the joint direction of myself and Rachid Regbaoui (Brest) in the domain of conformal geometry. He completed his thesis in november 2012 entitled " Un probleme d'evolution associe a l'equation des champs moyens". He is Charge de recherche et Maitre d'Enseignement at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Lara Saliba began his thesis in october 2013 under my  direction. She  completed her thesis in December 2017 entitled "Applications biharmoniques extrinseques a valeurs dans une sphere".  She is Assistant Professor at the University of Zahle in Lebanon

Zeina Ghaza Hanna began her thesis in january  2017 entitled "Orientation and colouring of graphs and spectal geometry" under the joint directiion of myself and Paul Baird

Organizing Conferences

- Conference October 2017

Geometric Analysis at Roscoff

-Conference May 2017

  Lebanese International Conference in Mathematics and Applications  LICMA 17 (Beyrouth)

- Conference June 2014

Geometric Analysis at Roscoff

- Conference September 2012

  International Conference in Geometric Analysis Seillac

- Conference (Thematic School at Roscoff) October 2010

Workshop Geometric Analysis

- Conference July Roscoff 2008

Conformal Geometry: invariant theory and the variational method

- Conference May Roscoff 2005

Analytic Aspects of Problems in Riemannian Geometry

- Conference Brest July 2002

Harmonic maps, minimal surfaces and geometric flows

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