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Département de Mathématiques
Université de Brest
6, Avenue Victor Le Gorgeu
B.P. 809
29285 BREST Cedex

Office: H103
Office Phone: (0)2 98 01 67 20
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Research Interests

Talks available on the internet

Public lecture given under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Western Australia, October 7th 2015: How to define time without presupposing time?

Talk given at the workshop on geometric structures and equivalence problems Korean Institute of Advanced Study, April 2009: Conformal structure on a finite graph

Mind-matter talks

on Progress and Visions in the Scientific Study of the Mind-Matter Relation : link

Link to my talk: Potential information and its role in the emergence of spacial and temporal structure.

Conference: Models of Consciousness, Mathematics Institute, University of Oxford, Sep 9 - 12 2019.

Link to my talk: A model for perceptual states.

Research Papers


Doctoral Students

Jean-Marie Burel completed his thesis in September 2000, entitled Structures géométriques sur les variétés et applications harmoniques. He obtained a postdoctoral fellowship as part of the European EDGE program to continue his research at the University of Lund in Sweden and currently holds a position at the University of Dundee.

Dantouma Kamissoko completed his thesis in October 2001, entitled Applications semi-conformes, l'optique géométrique et les applications harmoniques. He obtained a post of ATER at the University of Bretagne Occidentale, then at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie at Brest.  Subsequently he obtained a post of Maître Assistant at Bamako, Mali, and in 2012 was nominated Vice-Doyen of the new Université de Ségou in Mali. In 2020, he was promoted to Professeur Grade A.

Laurent Danielo completed his thesis in March 2004, entitled Structures conformes, harmonicité et métriques d'Einstein. He obtained a post of ATER at the University of Bretagne Occidentale for two years and currently teaches in the Academy of Versailles.

Seddik Ouakkas completed his thesis in June 2008 under the joint direction of myself and Ali Fardoun (Brest), entitled Applications biharmoniques : déformations conformes et théorèmes de Liouville.  He is now Professeur at the University of Saida in Algeria.

Mohammad Wehbe completed his thesis in November 2009, entitled Aspects twistoriels des applications semi-conformes.   He obtained a post at the IUFM at Rennes and susequently posts at the Université Libanaise and the Hariri Canadian University in Lebanon.  He now has a permanent position at the Université Libanaise.

Elsa Ghandour completed her thesis in July 2018, entitled Applications semi-conformes et solitons de Ricci.  She obtained a post of ATER at the Universite de Valenciennes ; this was followed by a postdoctoral position at the University of Lund in Sweden and she now has secured a permanent position at the University of Iceland

Zeina Hanna Ghazo completed her thesis in November 2019 entitled Combinatorial and Geometric Cycles, under the joint supervision of myself, Ali Fardoun and Amine El Sahili. She currently has a position at Atonine University in Lebanon.

Jade Ventura began his thesis under my direction on Biconformal deformation and solutions to the Einstein equation in October 2018.  Jade obtained a CHED-PhilFrance scholarship to undertake his studies. He successfully defended his thesis in October 2021 and will take up a position at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Hugo Pillin began his thesis on Coding and Quantum Information under the direction of Gilles Burel, El-Houssain Baghious and myself in September 2019.

Conference July 2008

Conformal Geometry: invariant theory and the variational method

Conference May 2005

Analytic Aspects of Problems in Riemannian Geometry 

The book : Analytic aspects of problems in Riemannian geometry: Elliptic PDEs, solitons and computer imaging based on themes of the conference has been published by the Société Mathématique de France, see here for details.

Conference July 2002

Harmonic maps, minimal surfaces and geometric flows

A book based on certain themes of the conference is published by Birkhauser.Click here for their publicity.


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