Workshop at CIRM in 2019:

The analysis of partial differential equations offers a framework to understand a wide range of natural phenomena ranging from gravitation and fundamental particles to crowd motion, large population interactions, social networks, disordered media or neural action in the brain, to cite but a few. In addition to the deterministic mechanics at work in each situation, one can use a probabilistic langage to take care of the uncertainty inherent to each problem. This additional probabilistic ingredient in the problem may take different forms, which may require very different tools to be handled. In the past 5-10 years there has been definite breakthroughs in several areas relating to this general issue, involving different research communities. Let us mention four areas in particular : the study of socalled singular SPDEs (notably, via M. Hairer’s theory of regularity structures), stochastic conservation laws, the understanding of the phenomenon of regularization by noise, and the study of random initial conditions in dispersive equations. The aim of this workshop is to facilitate interactions between the different communities involved in the study of random partial differential equations, in particular those working on the subjects mentioned above. We aim to bring together leading experts and young researchers to give some talks on the state of their research with a view towards sharing their problems with people from the others mathematical communities.

Preliminary list of participants

Bailleul, I. (Univ. Rennes 1), Bakhtin, Y. (Courant Inst. Math.), Bellingeri, C. (Univ. Sorbonnes), Bringmann, , Bruned, Y. (Edinburgh Univ.), Burq, N. (Univ. Paris Sud), Chandra, A. (Imperial College), Catellier, R. (Univ. Nice), Elad Altman, H. (Univ. Sorbonnes), Fedrizzi, E. (ENSTA-Paristech), Flandoli, F. (Scuola Norm. Pisa), Gassiat, P. (Univ. Dauphine), Gess, B. (Leipzig Univ.), Gunaratman, T. (Warwick Univ.), Gubinelli, M. (Bonn Univ.), Hofmanova, M. (Bielefeld Univ.), Labbé, C. (Univ. Dauphine), Moinat, A. (Warwick Univ.), Oh, T. (Edinburgh Univ.), Perkowski, N. (Leipzig Univ.), Priola, E. (Univ. Torino), Romito, M. (Univ. Pisa), Sanz-Sole, M. (Univ. Barcelona), Schoenbauer, P. (Imperial College), Tzvetkov, N. (Univ. Cergy), Vovelle, J. (Univ. Lyon), Unterbger, J. (Univ. Nancy), Weber, H. (Bath Univ.), Xu, W. (Warwick Univ.).